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Locked and Away is about 10 Survivors attempting to survive in a murder house!

Inspired by Danganronpa and Doubt!

This game contains tons of lore about each of the survivors while all the while keeping a murderous game alive. This game contains tons of secrets on whats going on and its up to the player to figure out whats happening.

Created in RPG Maker MV

This is still 100% a work in progress all images you see are subject to change later on!

Thank you to https://twitter.com/Elena_Ceccotti for creating the cover art!

Here is a lets play if haven't downloaded the game yet! 



Locked & Away DEMO.zip 129 MB


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This is a really nice Game. I'm very excited for the full Game^^. But one thing that you should fix. In the bedroom, where you go to sleep and end the demo, you can just walk on the wall like it was the floor. But that was the only thing^^.

I hope you keep the good work up!


Very interesting concept. Seems like there's room for a lot of exciting possibilities. Thanks for sharing!

If anyone is interested in watching my playthrough, feel free to below!


I got around to playing the demo this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was sad that it was short, but its a demo so I can't expect more from it until the final product. But anyways, I enjoyed that the game doesn't really hold my hand, I'd like to see more character dialogue, but I think ending the demo with the library was a great idea, it really makes me excited for the characters ( I love Dave and his rad guy shades ), I'm very excited to see more story, but you like danganropa so I know you won't let me down!


This game sounds interesting I love the concept of it so far. Hope you keep up the good work on this!

Thank you so much I’m currently working on the next couple of floors and I fixed some of the things in the demo that’ll be better for later! Keeps me motivated to see people liking it!


Great game! here is my video on it I included the link to the game in the description! Feel free to incorporate my video into your post if you would like :D